About Elizabeth Caulfield Felt

I am the author of Syncopation: A Memoir of Adele Hugo and a co-author of The Stolen Goldin Violin. I have also written four not-yet-published novels.

Charlotte’s Inheritance is the story of a Jane Austen-like heroine making her way in the pre-Darwinian world of her ornithologist father.

Wilde Wagers is a light-hearted mystery that pairs as sleuths an actress and an aristocrat in 1880 England. Oscar Wilde features as a minor character.

The Stepsisters is a young adult, steampunk Cinderella told in alternating first person by the stepsisters.

A Mobius Tale is the Snow White story with a twist. This book is aimed at middle-grade readers (ages 8-12).

In addition to writing, I teach English part-time at the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point.

Before becoming a teacher, I worked for many years as a librarian: for a university (WSU), for a legislature (LA) and for a newspaper (Indpls Star).

I love to travel and have lived in Indiana, France, Indiana, California, Colorado, Louisiana, Idaho, Washington, Wisconsin, Germany and Wisconsin (in that order).

I’m an avid reader of nearly all genres and for all ages.  Currently, I teach a course on Children’s Literature, which allows me to read a lot of excellent kids’ books and call it work!

I enjoy working with writers, leading workshops, and talking with school children.  Please contact me at elizabethcfelt at gmail.com if you’d like me to visit your bookstore, classroom, or conference.


  1. Sally and Thomas said,

    Nice picture! Who took it? Tee hee hee…
    Do you have a copy of The Book Thief to share?

    • A fabulous young photographer took that picture. I got The Book Thief at the library, or I would loan it to you.

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