February 3, 2013

Blog Hop!

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Jessica Knauss has initiated a blog hop to allow book fans a chance to read excerpts from a number of historical novelists. Welcome if you have come here from her page. Go there next, if you started here. My excerpt from Syncopation: A Memoir of Adèle Hugo is below:

Pulling off her gloves, she placed her palms and right cheek against the stone wall. “I like how the cold moves into my blood. I can feel the music, even when there is no service; the building stores the sound of the music. I can hear hymns sung a hundred years ago.”

Adèle opened her eyes and saw him standing several paces from the building. “Come,” she said, tugging at him. “You’re not feeling the cathedral.” She removed his hat, and, threading her fingers through his hair, gently pressed his head against the cold stone. “Close your eyes and feel Notre Dame.”

Auguste closed his eyes, but he felt only the nearness of Adèle, and her palm against his temple.

Now hop on back to Jessica Knauss’s website and visit some other authors.


  1. Thanks, Elizabeth! In ten sentences, you’ve said a lot about both characters.

  2. A simply beautiful excerpt that makes me curious to see more.

  3. Nice extract, Elizabeth, would like to read more of it sometime

  4. Kim Rendfeld said,

    Very nice. Even in this brief excerpt, I feel like I know something about Adele.

  5. Thanks, Kim!

  6. Jenna Jaxon said,

    Lovely, moving excerpt. I can feel her enthusiasm and excitement and her need to share it. Great ten!

  7. Elizabeth- The excerpt makes me want to read more…I will poke around and see if that is possible! Thanks for sharing,


    Stephanie Renee dos Santos

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