October 1, 2009

Quick thinking!

Posted in writing at 2:02 pm by elizabethcaulfieldfelt

These are not words that are often said to me.  I’m a slow thinker.  The electric pulses don’t snap in my skull, rather they ooze like thick lava on a barely inclined plane.  This is why I became a writer.  A writer can take a long time.  Write, read, re-write, read, edit, read, re-write.  It can take me twenty minutes to send a short email.  This blog has taken more than a week.

I think most blogs are the work of clever, quick-thinking people.  Not this blog.  If you notice I haven’t posted anything for several weeks, it’s because the lava hasn’t descended far enough.  Pumice is worth the wait.  Isn’t it?

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  1. Kristina Zack said,

    Sorry, my dear, but there’s nothin’ slow about you. Deliberative is another trait altogether, and one which I admire. And when was it ever wrong to edit an e-mail? I would be ashamed to send some of the missives I receive from some of the best writers I know…

    As for pumice, maybe. But diamonds also take a lot of time.

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