September 23, 2009


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1 September 2009

 I got the most amazing rejection letter yesterday.  It actually made me feel good.  I will copy it here so everyone can read it:

 Dear Elizabeth,

I enjoyed reading these pages of Syncopation.   You’ve chosen a good subject: a recognizable name who hasn’t been overdone and who has an intriguing back story.  There’s also some beautiful writing here.  I love the opening piece about the pulse of the universe.  You’re also trying some more unconventional devices with the names and the back-and-forth between time periods/narration.  I’m not sure these are entirely successful, but I may not be the best judge.  I tend to prefer more straightforward narrative.  The unconventional elements make this more appropriate for a more literary list than mine.

 I’ve enjoyed seeing your work.  I wish you the best of luck in finding a home for it.


[Editor’s name withheld]

 Isn’t that a great rejection?  Makes me feel so literary and hopeful!

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  1. Ben Sobieck said,

    It’s always nice to hear encouraging words from rejection letters. It’s doubly nice this wasn’t a form rejection. The editor took the time to write something thoughtful. Was this a reply to a full submission? Usually those yield the best critiques.

    I think it’s smart, too, to withhold the name of the person who sent it.

  2. Ben Sobieck said,

    Totally unrelated here, but I have a suggestion. I had a hard time finding your e-mail address. I know it’s on the About page, but I’d suggest making it more prominent, in case an agent or editor is skimming for a contact.

  3. wow, the rejection almost seems like an afterthought.

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